Sunday 21 September 2014

Long time no see :)

It's been a very long time since I visited this part of my world !
I have posted a few pictures on Facebook, but I have trouble loading them onto here, so I tend to put it off!  I shouldn't as I do like to look back and see what I've been up to!
This was the metre square garden that I was using throughout summer. I harvested a good lot of veggies from it, and I still have leeks to plant out from it, and dill and coriander seeds to harvest.
My gorgeous Jake having a little sniff in the summer breeze...

He loves the sun..

He also loves to curl up cutely on my lap for a cuddle :)

This was a quilt i made for someone for their 60th Birthday. I also appliqued the name of their business under the Penny Farthing in Black.  I was really happy with this quilt.
I grew melon marrows, butternut squashes and yellow cougettes int he tyres this year. this photo is at the beginning of summer....
alas i wont have this garden to use next summer. But as yet I dont know where we'll be living either, so i suppose its for the best that I wont have it....
Unfortunately our beautiful kitty was run over aand killed a couple of weeks ago.
Poor Jake is missing him terribly and has really gone off his food.
he really was a beatiful cat, and a very sad time in the Retro household when it happened.
RIP Titch. bless you. xx

Homegrown melon marrow, tomatoes and lemon cucumber. they were all delicious,
This is one of the first fabric crocheted baskets Ive put in my Etsy shop for sale. Like my blogging, listing items in my etsy store has taken rather a long time to get around to doing....
Life always seems to get in the way somehow...

But i must up the anti on listing and selling my items at fairs as well as Etsy and Ebay if I can.
I'm going to be doing this as part of my Frugal Forums Challenge as well. learning to sell my items and try and make a business form scratch.

This last picture is of homegrown tomatoes, chillies and garlic all weighed out and ready to make 'Welsh Poppys' Chilli Jam. I forgot to photograph the finished product, but I will for my next blog post. It is absolutely delicious.  if youd like the recipe, and other recipes for frugal living and making your money stretch, just click on the link above to take you to all the information and help you'll need to get you started on a more homemade life ;)

Sorry this is a picture heavy post and the pictures arent really in any order, but I'm still getting to grips with loading my pictures on my ipad, then writing the text on my laptop.

But hopefully once I start blogging a bit more regularly I'll get used to it :)
Anyway, hope you like my first blog post in ages -especially Joanie -
Take care folks. Big hugs, Donna xx


  1. Hi Donna, Glad to see you back. Well done with the lovely veggies but so, so sorry about your cat, that's awful. Take care, Sally x

  2. Hi Retro,
    I looked at your blog the other day and was going to ask you on the NYK forum about updating it. Hope you keep blogging more regularly, and I shall keep reading as and when I can. Lovely to see photos, you have done well with home grown veggies this summer. Take care. X

  3. Yay Retro you go girl! Beautiful photo's and wonderous veggies. Sorry about the puss cat - so sad xx

  4. I hope I've got the right lady here, am I commenting on the 'little tiny stitches' Donna? if I am, well, its so good to have you back.
    so sorry about the little cat, you must be so upset.
    Thanks for your comment on the crochet post, isn't it amazing.

  5. Hello Donna, just found your blog - I do hope you are going to continue!! I was thrilled to see your first photo - I am at the moment contemplating moving up from merely growing herbs in pots and planters (and odd spots in the garden) to something bigger - when I came across Square Foot Gardening. THAT"S FOR ME! I thought! I feel I could manage that, want to grow some salady things as well as herbs, maybe some Swiss Chard, spinach, ...who knows. How did you find growing in yours? Will you do it again?
    Sorry to hear about your cat, my friend has just lost her dog- he was a good age but such a big loss to the family.
    Hope you post again soon, glad to have found your blog!