Saturday, 21 September 2013

New spaces :)

Well good afternoon folks :)

I've had quite a busy and not altogether good week.
First of all, after a big fight, my Miss 18 started college! Yay. The bad news on that front is she had a seizure on the first day, a seizure on the second day, then her third day on Friday she was too poorly to go in!  But hey, onwards and upwards. Hopefully she'll have a better week next week! Fingers crossed x.

Then I've had a very sick Jack Russell to nurse - bless him. He's had a really dreadful stomach upset. Lots of sick and shakes. I think now though he's recovering nicely. He's kept down two scrambled egg and the juice, and I blew the budget on some 'basics' salmon to bake for him which he's kept down too. I was really worried about him dehydrating I can tell you. Fingers crossed he really is on the mend though. X!

Yesterday was quite a sad day as I had the funeral to go to of a 15yr old lad. He had been poorly since he was four, and lived an amazing fulfilling life even though he wasn't given as many years as he had .. Bless him. My heart goes to to his family who'll have to now come to terms with the space he's left in their lives. :(

I've been very busy gardening in between other busyness. I'm in the process of making a special veggie patch in the front of my garden where I grew the wild strawberries.

See the space there? Over the back ? The above picture has some of the junk that I've so far cut away! Still a long way to go!

Jake is balancing on the back wall. It's not a very big space but I'm hoping to utilise it with veggies starting next spring.
Maybe I'll do the same as sue over at the blog 'Our new life in the country'. She grew three different veggies in one small space, all intertwined with each other. And she also grew a large variety of veg in a tin bath over the summer.

Unfortunately the garden that I have been using all summer has come to an end, so now I have to utilise as much space in my own (rented) garden as I can. Even if that includes using pots. I have to say I really dislike container gardening!
I've recently (this summer) realised that this is down to vine weevil larvae !! 
In the early 90s I had lots and lots of containers with gorgeous veggies growing. But I was new to gardening then, and didn't recognise the vine weevil beetle for what it was. My plants were devastated but the larvae eating all the roots of my plants :( 

Since then I have been very reluctant to grow any amount of produce in pots - just the usual flower pots outside the door. But now I'm on the lookout and will just have to do the best I can.

See this beautiful tin? This is my treasure tin, and inside is this :

Packets of seeds for container growing! I do have boxes of other seeds too, but these were all on offer a my local garden centre for 50p a packet. And the use by dates weren't till the end of 2014/15 !
So at least I have seeds that are supposed to be good in containers!

Anyway, tomorrow I'll be finishing off that front bed and then protecting it from cats until I decide what to put in there, or till spring.

Have a great weekend folks.


  1. Oh well done for having a treasure tin too, mine looks very old and battered in comparison. Good luck with your plans for growing next year.

  2. Hi
    Sorry you've had a bad week, I empathise, I am going through a lot of similar things to you at the moment.
    The tin is lovely - I have the matching teabag rest, featuring, would you believe, a wren! happy to send it to you if you email me via my blog Lavender Attic.
    Sally x
    PS Container veggies are easy, I just empty the containers each year and renew the compost with cheap growbags. Hessian bags from Home Bargains are fab for courgettes. Any permanent pots you can treat with nematodes, like Provado.

  3. I do hope things get better for your daughter and your JR is feeling better.

    What a beautiful tin. I love that artist. I have a Robin mug by her.

    Sft x

  4. Hi RW it's FM here, my blog has moved to:
    Can I ask you to publicise this please as something horrid has happened and I can't access any of my old blog or the last four years' worth of blogs - aaargh!! This means I can't find my list of 400+ follwers either, unless they have commented. Many thanks, FM xxxxx

  5. Hope your little dog is better RW