Monday, 28 October 2013

Storm time

Well, we had quite a bit of a storm in the night.
A tree from my neighbours garden over the road came down unfortunately. It landed right across the road, and blocked my drive.

I can say though that I am honestly pleased it came my way! Had it gone the other way, it would have landed on their bungalow :( 

I have no electric this morning, neither has my next door neighbour, but we've had offers of tea, car lifts (as my drive is blocked) and showers (hinting? Lol) which has made me realise what lovely neighbours I actually have :)

Hopefully the electric will be back on sometime today....I'm a bit worried about what I may lose in the when the electric does come on, I may have to do quite a bit of cooking so that it's not wasted.

I have quite a bit of fabric crocheting to do as I've put in an application for a stall at a Christmas fair on 30th November, and as yet have no stock.....
I've also tried to get a space in a local vintage warehouse, but alas, they told me that they have a waiting list of over 200 folks waiting for spaces to come free.... Even though they keep advertising their space....

Well, hopefully my next post will show some headway in my crafting, and the little vintage pieces I got at the vintage fair the other week.

Have a great week folks. 


  1. as long as the freezer is left shut it should be ok for 24 hrs

  2. What a gorgeous sunset photo that is - thanks for sharing that! Sorry to read about your tree and electricity troubles but it sounds like it all got sorted out OK. Take care!

  3. Glad you are safe. We escaped the storm here in Derbyshire

  4. Whey hey! Get over to Froogs blog ASAP - you've won the giveaway - well done!

  5. OMG! So lucky it didn't land on their house or yours!

  6. Hi, just started following your blog via 'A new home in the country'.
    I've been through all your posts and thought you might like to know a frugal tip? Looking at your kolrabi ( a fine specimen!), did you know you can use the leaves with other greens as a veg, steamed,stir fried, also use the stalks in soups, coleslaw etc. The flavour doesn't over power any of the other ingredients either.
    looking forward to your next post which reminds me, I should post more often on my blog!
    Sandie xxx

  7. Hi FW, thanks for the comments, I'd love to email chat, so leave me your address as a comment , and I'll not publish it but will email you xx FM x