Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sowing Time

Spring is here at last! (I hope :) )
I've had a good winter walking Jake and making plans for this year.
The sun has been out this past week, so I've been making the most of it and sowing seeds like mad!
I'm hoping that it's not too early! 

These beautiful crocus were out at the college last week when I went to pick Miss 18 up.
Jake loves going there because all the students always make a fuss of him.....especially the girls!

These are my second lot of seed that I've sown so far this year. They're sheltering in the greenhouse at the moment, but its still missing a few panes of glass after this years storms. Luckily only one broken pane though :( 

The spring onions are left overs from being planted last summer. They're a bit tough, but still perfectly edible!

And these are the broad beans that were sown last October. To be honest, they're not that far ahead of the ones I sowed a few weeks ago, so I'm not really sure if it was worth sowing them early, but we'll see.
I've started a RHS Horticulture college course! Yes I know, back to college! But I'm hoping it will lead onto further and better things!
Anyways, gotta scoot now as its Miss 14's 15th Birthday tomorrow, so I have things to do.
Have a great week folk.
Take care. x


  1. Hello, thanks for your visit to me in Cornwall. Sounds like you are very busy with the garden now Spring is finally here.
    Re dresses (Laura Ashley), maybe you could email me?

  2. I think I need a gardening course,or possibly a course in patience ;) I love your tyre mountain, think I may pinch that idea x

  3. Those crocuses are lovely aren't they