Tuesday, 20 May 2014

How's my garden growing?

Well, goodness me, my blog posts are slightly sporadic! I must keep up with them.

I've actually managed to upload some photos to picasa so that I can post them on here!
So here goes :)

The photos aren't in any particular order as I haven't learnt how to do that yet!
Here goes ...
Above is the apple core die cuts that I made for the apple core quilt.

This is Titch! He is our latest addition to the house and belongs to Miss 18. He is such a sweetie pie. A really beautiful, cheeky boy.

The lettuce cutting bit in the greenhouse, along with self seeded Brussels (I think..) 

This is my metre square garden bed. 16 types of veg (oh, there are sunflowers in one section..) 

The broad beans are romping away. This is my third sowing of broad beans. I have quite big pods on my other two sowings..

These are some of my chilli plants and celeriac plus a couple of fennel seedlings..

Aaaaw, Jake and Titch finally sleeping together..

This is the beginning of another quilt. I was testing out background fabrics. I think I've made up my mind now, and will show you the results in the next couple of weeks..


  1. What an amazing amount you have got in a metre square bed!

  2. Nice to see you back!!
    I'm growing lettuce in pots outside as begrudge paying for bags of salad leaves.

  3. I love your metre square bed, it looks great! And how cute is that kitten - Scruffy the frugal puss says hello! :)

  4. Loving everything you posted! I wish I was better at quilting, just need to practise more I think. Aaah I remember sunshine, I know we had it as I have pictures to prove it. The square foot gardening is going well for you, I must give it a go, very satisfying by the looks of it too.

  5. love the picture of Titch and Jack