Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Chutney and bread

Well, managed to produce 6 jars of red tomato chutney. I seriously under estimated how much juice comes out of 4lb of tomatoes though, and it took forever to reduce down!

I think I've managed to work out how to reduce the size of the photos on my iPad now, so hopefully they won't be as large as the last photos!

Today I've made a loaf in my new bread maker. It's a Panasonic 2500 in case anyone wants to give me any hints and tips on how to use it. 
The wholemeal loaf is just on the rise part of the program, so as soon as it cooks, I shall edit this post with a photo.

I've been out this morning and bought quite a bit of sugar and bread flour for making my preserves and bread with. Now I just need to get round to making them.  I have rhubarb chutney and jam in the front of my mind, as I haven't picked any rhubarb in a while, and its looking good.

Have a good day everyone, and I'll pop the bread photos on here in a bit.



  1. Wishing you every success and endless hours of pleasure with your new breadmaker. I can't remember how I managed before getting mine, they are fantastic kitchen gadgets. :)

  2. Those chutneys look delicious! Wow!

    Enjoy your new breadmaker!

    Sft x