Thursday, 1 August 2013

A new start :)

Well, it's a long time since I've made a blog.
I must say though, it's good to be back :)

I hope to record my new little world on here for all to see. If you want to have a read that's fine, but it would be good if you'd maybe leave a comment too. Nice ones of course :)

It's been another hot sunny day here in the UK. So far we've had a beautiful summer. The runner beans have really started to take off in the garden, and in the garden that I 'borrow' to garden in, we've already had a lovely kohl rabi plant, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, spring onions (scallions), potatoes, beet root, courgette (zucchini), lemon balm and radish.

My journey for saving and making money is all the more important now that I'm a single mum, so I shall be charting that journey on here too.

I've yet to work out how to get all the photos I've taken off my iPad and onto my blog, I think I'll have to upload them to Picasso or something, but I'll try and sort that out tomorrow.

For now I'll have to finish this post photo-less I'm afraid, but at least I got on here at last!
Happy evening all. Take care. X

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