Sunday, 18 August 2013

Chutney on a Sunday afternoon.

Well, I'm sitting here with rain outside and the strong whiff of red tomato chutney filling the house!
The only reason I can tell it isn't yet autumn is because I'm still wearing shorts and tea shirt, albeit with Wellington boots! 
This is how the chutney started off. 4lbs of overripe little orange tomatoes, 2lb of onions, 3lb of bramleys cooking apples (all amounts are approximate) 2pints of pickling vinegar (any vinegar will do) several teaspoons of mustard powder, mixed spice, ground ginger, 2lb sugar. Simmer the whole lot.
This is at the stage where it has been simmering for an hour. Still a way to go. I think I've put too much vinegar in it, as I normally make apple chutney and didn't allow for the juiciness of the tomatoes, but hey, I'll know for next time, and all I have to do is simmer longer... :)

I'll post pictures of the finished product tomorrow. 

Happy Sunday everyone. 
Rw x


  1. Hi Retro-wren,
    I bet your kitchen smells gorgeous.Found you through frugaldom.

  2. Hi, found you through A Good Life in Tydd. Glad you've reminded me about chutney, I shall have to sort out my preserving jars :-)

  3. Found you through your comment on mine - am going to make chutney - yum - but have an abundance of pears: do you think they would work OK in chutney? FMx